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Monday, December 14, 2009


ok today wasnt a great day first my boyfriends friend thought it would be funny to steal my shoes and my hat and run around while i chase after him , im faster then him btw but i was tried:) anyways i got angry and i think they realised and said sorry. but at lunch i was hanging with him again and my bestfriend and her boyfriend 2.
my bestfriends bf threw an apple at kieran(my boyfriend) and then it kinda started a mini apple fight between him and campbell(my bestfriends bf) and then it ended up baddly kieran stromed off causse campbell threw a stick at him and so and so i went after him and said'u all gud??' he just looked at me and said 'eh' and i was thinking that he needed his space:(

i think were both worried about the last week of the school year!! im not going to seehim for a whole year :( its going to be heeart breaking!

kk i have to go

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