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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Cryed at school:S

ok i cryed at school today! i hardly every cry.
but its not whaat you think i didnt cry coz some one picked on me , or i got hurt but i watch a sad movie.

my class was watching the boy and stripe pjs:( we readed the book and then we watch the movie! it was so sad i mean i cryed ,,, aat the end tho:(

i wasnt balling my eyes out or anything but i few tears came out:(
my boyfriend kieran:) hugged me and said it was ok. and then i started to laugh for no reason ! how weird like i was kinda crying then to laughing! talk about confussing.

but other then crying because of a sad movie i didnt do much at school anyways

but im exitced about one thing!! i might  be choosen by the sr. school teachers , to be a school leader!!!!!
omg  this is so exicting! i cant wait if i will be choosen! omg:D

but i cant get my hopes high it might disaponit me  but i hope not!!!

hmm what else did i do at school .....

well i cant remember much but it is the last week of the school year for 2009 that means no more seeing my year 8 friends which means no more seeing my boyfriend kieran:( im not looking forward to saying gud bye:(
and i wont see paige , jooeun , katie , briitta, eb, kelsi! those are jsut some of the people im going to miss!!!
:( but most of all im going to miss my boyfriend kieran, love you forever:)


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