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Saturday, February 13, 2010

mis-guided people- my list

my list of mis guided people

1. JooEun. she was on the rite path to no where but now....lets not even go there.
2.paige. she has the devil inside her. i just no it.
3. macauley. she has no reason to be here... i jsut wanted her to be:D
5.gerard. what a waste
4.mr whippy. he just took my road off his list. MISGUIDED!

and theres the top 5 misguided people:D

and on other news. woman drown by drinking air. 

breaking news. we have just found out that yes a woman drown early today by drink just air. now we dont have any infomation on how she did it. but we now know that drinking air is deadly. thanx and back to you in the stuidio.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

out off hospital

today i just got home from the hospital , that i spend a whole week in.
i think 2 days ago i had my surderey. its to hard to really tell you in wrioting but yea. its was pretty serious.
im missing every one and im bak at school on monday see ya laters:D


Thursday, January 14, 2010


its 2010 and year whoop whoop :)

on new years i missed the count down by 1 hour and nine mins :0 :) lol

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

its that season again.!

ok i should be happy its christmas eve... almost ok its christmas eve eve. i should be happy the years past and ill be other year older:) but im not worred about being one year older... its just ill get the same crap that always happpen my dad will call me names like'bitch' or 'u fucking witch' and so on .. but i hate it i hate my dad but im sorry to say but its ture.

anyways on a happyer note , i love wat ig ot for christmas but i cant tell u.. you would just have to wait until christmas ill keeep u updated

love cinta

merry christmass

Saturday, December 19, 2009

ME and cauley were swimming in shit!1

ok its sunday the first sunday of the holiday!

my best friend cauley came over today! we went on a mission to see campbells hosue! so we trespassed and went on some-ones padock! (we are so cool!!)
we saw his house stay int he filed for awhile before heading back:)  then we went swimmign in the creek ( i think it was eel free:S) anyways there was this mud thingie and it played in it and swam, in it but lol 30mins laters we found out it was SHIT!! so yea we ccan say that we were swimming in shit:) im feel great tho

some gud time:)

sorry about not posting every day:)

ill try kk

bye bye

ME and cauley were swimming in shit!1


ok schools over and now its the christmas holidays!

first saturday: ok it was like in the evening and i was wrapping christmas persents when tthe phone called it was for me. it was kieran my 'ex-boyfriend' we ask me out again:) i was smiling hardcore!! i said yes:)
now were going out again:)
my friend is worred     about campbell (u no) coz shes never going to see him again so she doesnt no if they broke up or not so yea its lots of prombles
:)but im sure he hasnt broke up wiht her coz he doent have the guts to !! yup im nice to my best friend so called boyfriend lol