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Saturday, February 13, 2010

mis-guided people- my list

my list of mis guided people

1. JooEun. she was on the rite path to no where but now....lets not even go there.
2.paige. she has the devil inside her. i just no it.
3. macauley. she has no reason to be here... i jsut wanted her to be:D
5.gerard. what a waste
4.mr whippy. he just took my road off his list. MISGUIDED!

and theres the top 5 misguided people:D

and on other news. woman drown by drinking air. 

breaking news. we have just found out that yes a woman drown early today by drink just air. now we dont have any infomation on how she did it. but we now know that drinking air is deadly. thanx and back to you in the stuidio.



  1. damn. im gonna have to kill you now that you revealed my true identity to the world....
    i really liked you too....

  2. Path to no where ? Sounds about right ... :D

  3. what about me cinta?!?! oh yeah im not misguided! im just epicly awesome!! :)